Caravan - Best of Fusion & World Music

Promoting World Music since 1999

Weekly 57 minutes World Musical travels with Dj. Amir, aired on Radio Tilos

(FM 90.3 in Budapest, or via live streaming  )

The mix includes Arab, African, Indian, Latin and EuroMed music, with special emphasis laid on Fusion.

Join the Caravan and Discover Humanity's Best Tunes!

Live: Saturday's 12.30 to 13.30 CET,

Archives available for replay at website of Radio Tilos

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Caravan's Mission

The mission of Caravan is facilitation of intercultural dialogue through music.

On the one hand, it seeks to introduce the listeners to contemporary traditional music from all around the world, and on the other hand, it seeks to fuse all into a coherent frame with the assistance of modern electronic music.

For we believe that a truly "global culture" should fuse all blessings of all cultures into a higher level - the culture of humans.

We start off in Tibet, and end up in Cuba, passing through the major and minor musical cultures on the way..Join us on this unique expedition into the flow of beuty. Ancient instruments from the east rise in the shadow of modern electronic beats, spiced by African precussions at one time, or with Indian tabla at other times, fusing the rigid voices of Tibetan monks with the sweetest Greek and Turkish voices, all singing for the harmony of humanity which we all so much miss.

If you feel you are open minded, and are curious about how seeming contradictions can fit well in a framework of tolerance and mutual respect, well, then just tune in every Saturday, or any time convenient for you at the net archive. Wishing you exciting journey and fruitful discoveries.....

Caravan has been featured live in many events, such as the Sziget festival, No Man's Land festival, Samsara festival and more.

About Radio Tilos

Radio Tilos is the first not for profit alternative community radio station in Hungary.

The radio is operated by Tilos Cultural Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1991, and it has a board of trustees elected by the members of the radio every 2 years. The board of editors is elected by the members every year. Members of the radio include about 250 Dj's, reporters, journalists, artists, NGO's, etc.

The mission of Tilos Radio is to foster creativity and intercultural dialogue, and to strengthen the civil consciousness. It aims at providing a forum of debate for its listeners, since non censored interactivity lies at the heart of the concept of the Radio. Variety, multiculturalism, critique, social commitment and independence are all our slogans.

Tilos Radio is the best-known Hungarian community radio station. Its structure, operation, programming structure, financial model, basic principles and values are unique in Hungary and it plays a key role at the time of Hungary’s EU entry in propagating and popularizing the notion of open society as well as in its everyday practice.

 Tilos Radio is non-profit, public and transparent and it is free of commercials.

 Tilos Radio FM 90.3 MHz - Budapest.