Radio Tilos World Party Series

حفلة الشرق الاوسط Middle East Party

Audiovisual journey from Morocco to Iran

This event was part of the official program of 2008 – the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in the Republic of Hungary.

  14 march 2008 from 7 pm. / Budapest Gödör Club (Erzsébet Tér)

An exciting audiovisual journey into the Middle East, all the way from Morocco to the Persian Gulf.

This is the 2nd event in the framework of the World Party Series organized by Radio Tilos and the One World Project. The Party featured 3 live concerts of groups blending authentic Middle Eastern dance music and modern ethno jazz fusion (Khalifa, Chalaban).



 Also featuring: An Arab percussion show (Al-Tabla), with tribal belly dancer Judit Virag, and Egyptian style belly dancer Mercedes Nieto.

The show continued with a wild Middle Eastern dance party powered by 6 djs from Radio Tilos, who will play Turkish, Persian and Arab dance and funk music.

 Radio Tilos Dj-s:

Peti Szamosi (North African Rai)

Maxim (Middle Eastern dance music)

Keyser (Iránian and Turkish funk)

AdamSalman (Arab-electro fusion)

Amir & Toma (Arab and Turksih chill-out music)



Visuals & Deco:

The visuals featured a special video mix by the Onevisione crew, photo exhibitions, art exhibition of Palestinian artists Abed Abdi and Bouthaina Abu Milhem, and a special audiovisual performance.


Onevisione live videomix – Middle East video journey

Desert Tempel > Authentic arab tea tasting, digital photo exhibition and sound effects (Velvet and Berczi Zsófi)

Art exhibition palestinian artists

(Abed Abdi, Boutaina Abu Milhelm and Kamil Dau)

Photo exhibitions

panorama slide show



Derbuka workshop

Ethnosound Middle Eastern musical instruments exhibit and fair

Bazar, Waterpipe corner

Sweets tasting, Henna painting


Creative director &  Head of Project: dr. Amir A. Abdi

Media & Marketing: Toma Maróthy

Program director: Gábor Zsarnai


This project was sponsored by the European Union and the Hungarian Ministry of Education & Culture

Published by Interkulti Association for the Promotion of Inter-Cultural Dialogue 2008


All Rights Reserved

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