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Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Offline E-Library 

 Published by Interkulti Association, 2015

Project Summery:

Interkulti Association intends to donate a huge collection of e-books in its posession, which have been donated to it over the years by members & friends of the Association. Most of the books are in English, with some books in other languages (eg. Arabic).

The library, which is well organized & easily usable,  runs on Calibre open source library software. It  contains valuable books and academic manuscripits, new and old alike, on various subjects, including the following

  • Multicultural and inter-religious studies
  • World philosophy
  • Comparative law
  • International & EU law
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Intenational relations
  • Political science
  • Earth studies & geography
  • Art, music, cinema & photography
  • Psychology
  • Medical studies
  • Political economy
  • Natural sciences
  • Astronomy
  • Science & technology
  • Globalization studies
  • Internet & computer studies
  • Archeology
  • World travel
  • Business studies
  • Architecture
  • World history
  • General & cultural anthropology
  • Gastronomical studies
  • World literature
  • History of the book
  • Liguistics and study of languages
  • Audio books and Audio academic courses and lectures

The library will be donated to selected interested partner libraries, on the condition that they establish well equipped seperate wing at their premises to host this digital library.

Thus, interested libraries should be able to equip a small room (50- 200 m2) with a number of digital e-readers (10-50), and a number of desktop computers with large screens (5-15). The e-library is an offline project, and partner libraries must guarantee that the books will remain offline at all times, and that premises of this library are free of internet.

Additionally, interested libraries must secure 1 librarian, who will be in charge of this library.

His/her role would be to updte the library periodically, in addition to handing out requested e-books on e-readers to the users.

 Users can easily use the library search interface, and look for the books they need by themselves. The library may best be used by academic students, but its contents may be useful to others as well from age 13 - 80.

Interested Libraries should contact us by using this form for further information on this project.


Donate an E- Book

You can contribute to this project by donating an e-book or an audio book, simple as that!

We will insert your donation into the e-library, and it will be included in the updates to the offline library. Please fill out this quick form if you are interested in making a donation and being part of this initiative.


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