Selected Initiatives

A proposal submitted to the Anna Lindh foundation in 2008, comprising the structure & working of an ideal parliament for NGOs in the Euro Med region.

Anna Lindh EuroMed NGO Forum

A proposal for cooperation on implementation of a yearly intercultural summer camp for children from conflict zones and Europe....

Intercultural Summer Camp

A proposal for the establishment of an Islamic studies institute providing academic level teaching and research....

Ibn Khaldun Institue for Islamic Studies

A proposal for the establishment of offline e-library centers, with a massive collection of e-books to be donated by the Association.....

Offline Multicultural E-Library


Work  in Progress Series

 Publication of Interkulti Association for the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue 2011

Project Concept Summery:

20 creative & talented boys and girls (ages 10-12) from 5 countries will gather in Csókakő (near Budapest, Hungary) for an intensive creativity summer camp.

The project is organized by 7 NGOs from 5 countries, and is focused on the promotion of intercultural learning and creativity, through art, ceramics, music film & more.

Children will be mixed into 4 specialized groups, and each group will have one child from every country.



Project Content

 The summer camp will offer the following workshops for the children (morning sessions):

  • Visual Art & Ceramics
  • World Music
  • Forrest Life & Nature
  • Window to the World (Intercultural learning)
  • Media & Photography

In addition, the camp will offer 4 specialization areas for the children (afternoon sessions):

  • Art & Ceramics
  • Media (Radio,TV, Internet, Photography)
  • World Music


Other activities for the children:

  • walks in the forest 
  • sport
  • swimming
  • horse riding
  • goat feeding
  • inter-cultural smart treasure hunt
  • visits to landmark places
  • camp news reporting (media unit)



1.Head of Camp:  Budget, documentation and media relations

2.Head of Trainer's Team

3. Trainers: 4.Art 5.Ceramics 6.Video/Radio/Net 7.Music 8.Nature 9.Photography 10.Psychologist 11.Medical doctor

  Plus the 5 heads of groups from each country

Plus 4 masters (art, ceramics, music and media) 

Total: 20 adults on 20 children

Application / Recruitment

Recruiting children and trainers is done through an open bidding, with the help of local NGOs in each participating country members in the EUROMED ALF network.

The Managing partners will select the children and the trainers according to clear and transparent criteria, aiming at gathering the best possible combination of backgrounds.

There is no fee for children to pay, the whole camp plus travel is covered by the project.

Project management is done through the closed online interface provided by up until the date of the camp.

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