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Csókakő Art Summer / 2015 Session

During the summer of 2015, the Art Colony hosted 2 visual artists:  

The visual artists produced the works shown on the right, and they also collborated on a joint ceramics project at the headquarters of the Art Colony, designed by Abed Abdi (see image above).

The completed work at the entrance of headquarters was inaugurated by Mr. György Fűrész, the mayor of Csókakő village, in a private ceremony the presence of the artists and friends.

Art Works Created During the 2015 Session

Visual artists interested in visiting the Art Colony are advised to read the manual, and then to submit their inquiry/application on the form.

  • Our staff will reply to the applicant with full details on availability and conditions. Please note that residencies are limited!
  • The Art Colony does not cuurently offer any scholarships for any art residency. As soon as funds will be available, an announcement will be made, with a special application form posted on this page.
  • visiting artists have no obligations towards the Art Colony with this type of residency.
  • There are no residencies available from 1st of June to 15th of September & 15th of December to 15th of January.
  • Art residencies only include private accommodation, use of studios & art equipment and use of the library resources. Dining is possible in the area of Csókakő, and artists will be advised on that.
  • Csókakő Art Summer 2016 will be held in July of 2016. There are no residencies available for this event at this time.


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