About Interkulti Association and Its Mission

The main obstacles to proper intercultural dialogue are ignorance, preconcieved ideas, & the fear from the unknown.

Interkulti Assocation was created in 2008 precisley with the intention to eliminate these obstacles, by presenting to the public the richness & colorfulness of the cultures of the world, through all available modern means of communication.

Creating an atmosphere of trust & arousing interest in each others culture requires building bridges, colorful, exciting and yet thought provoking, which may lead into evaporating the „veil of ignorance”, largly imposed by local narrow minded narratives derived from distant historical stories.  

We believe that being exposed to the culture of the other and learning about each others way of life and way of thinking can indeed contribute to the elimination of preconcieved ideas, racism and cultural intolerance.


This may lead to a constructive and fruitful dialogue, which could then breed the kind of

The main obstacles to proper intercultural dialogue are ignorance, preconcieved ideas, & the fear from the unknown.

creative exchange of wisdom which would stimulate a unique synthesis of knowledge.

After all, dialogue is a basic and natural trait of all humans, while progress benefitting all ensues only when civilizstions embark on sharing that knowledge and distinct experiances.


  • Interkulti Association endeavors to initiate, develop and manage projects which aim at creating meeting points for common thinking in order to deepen  dialogue and cooperation between people arbitrarily divided along religious, cultural, ethnic, racial and other lines of differentiation.

  •  Art & music are among the bridges which can lead to those meeting points, and therefore Interkulti Association acts to bring together visual artists, musicians, djs and thinkers from different cultures for joint work and collaboration, in order to stimualte exchange of perceptions, thoughts and ideas.

  • Interkulti Association strives to spread the music of the world through all means of communication, including through its weekly world music radio show, which is also streamed via the internet.

  • The Association occasionally also initiates and holds seminars, conferences, and roundtable-conversations touching on the issues above, and seeks  to  spread the knwoledge gathered at such events among as many people as possible, especially the young generation.

  • Our goal is to feed the audience with a combination of multifaceted experiances, helping in the provision of a wider global perspective, and thus contribue to erasing the cultural, ethnical, religious or any other kind of prejudices and preconceived ideas about "the other," and by that decrease the hatred and animosity between humans.

  • Interkutli Association is also active in providing consultancy and contributing ideas for other NGO's dealing with similar aims, and it is our goal also to  mediate possibilities of collaboration between local and foreign civil non profit organizations, in order to help in bringing into existence mutual inter-cultural projects serving our goals.

  • In order to make sure that the results of our work will reach the widest audiance possible, the Association manages its own online portal (www.interkulti.net)




“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou


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